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Our collaborative platform offers access to a carefully curated range of products and services that best support the creation of sustainable, future-proofed homes.

MyGlobalHome supports every stage and stakeholder involved throughout the lifecycle of a home - from development and sales, to residents and managed services.

Enabled by an expanding network of cutting-edge technologies, products and expert partners, MyGlobalHome are revolutionising how homes are built and lived in.

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Homes and devices are smart enough to monitor indoor environments and an individual's health, but why don't they talk to each other?

Find out how a MyGlobalHome can help improve our respiratory health. →


Creating sustainable homes that are cost-efficient and robust may seem like an impractical challenge.

Find out how a MyGlobalHome can help make informed, sustainable decisions throughout a property’s life. →


What is a smart city and how can they help communities to live smarter?

Find out how a MyGlobalHome can keep adapting to evolving needs. →


The term ‘smart home’ often refers to a home filled with pieces of connected technology, but is a ‘smart home’ a smart solution to modern living?

Find out how MyGlobalHome’s collaborative technology is redefining the smart home. →

Our vision for the home of the future requires collaboration.

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