The term ‘smart home’ often refers to a home filled with pieces of connected technology, but is a ‘smart home’ a smart solution to modern living?

From AI voice assistants to remote-operated baby monitors, the wealth of devices in the ‘smart home’ category grows every year. These connected devices use an internet connection to communicate with each other and their users in order to carry out a variety of tasks, like drawing the curtains, turning on the lights or checking who’s at the door.

Aside from automating mundane household tasks, are these devices actually making homes ‘smarter’? At MyGlobalHome we believe that when applied thoughtfully, technology can provide much greater value and meaning throughout the lifecycle of a home.

Why it's an issue

Truly ‘smart’ homes need to consider the wider needs of their occupants and integrate the flexibility to fulfil those needs from the ground up.

Most modern ‘smart home’ solutions tend to prioritise efficiency and temporary problem-solving, lessening the impact of small inconveniences in everyday life. What they fail to do, is accurately observe and respond to the residents’ unique requirements of home life and enable longer-term solutions.

Home means something slightly different to everyone and everyone’s home should be equipped to fulfil their specific needs, whether physical, mental or social, expected or unexpected. In the near future, homes will not only be able to anticipate the needs of their residents but have the flexibility to respond and adapt to them, leading to homes that are responsive rather than smart.

The home of the future will go beyond ‘smart’, becoming fully responsive to the evolving needs of its occupants.

What people need from their homes changes and evolves over time. Whether people need extra space for a growing family, or adjustments to account for ageing or ill-health, or a new designated place to work, homes should respond to keep people supported and in their homes for longer.

In collaboration with our teams of expert partners, MyGlobalHome are working to create platforms for building responsive homes that can assess, predict and adapt to the needs of their residents. We can create homes where smartness exists in the very fabric of the building, not just as a superimposed layer. Our moving wall technology is one example of this. Find out more here.

Why does it matter?


  • Future-proof developments by utilising MyGlobalHome’s platform
  • Properly devised technology strategies can increase the value buyers are willing to pay for a home by 5%
  • MyGlobalHome’s technology provides lifetime energy efficiencies, enabling developers to achieve higher sustainable building standards
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation provides critical feedback to developers, designers and suppliers to optimise the home build and efficiency process over time
  • Embedded technology offers predictive maintenance insights, saving time and money running and maintaining housing stock

Property and services

  • Third-party technology can plug into MyGlobalHome’s ecosystem with little effort
  • The platform provides a standardised marketplace enabling suppliers to reach a broader audience of developers and residents interested in sustainable homes
  • Facilitate the building of strong ongoing relationships with end-users
  • Easier and more detailed Post Occupancy Evaluations


  • Utilise the latest smart technology that will help make homes more efficient
  • Control over all the home’s data and be able to make all the executive decisions
  • Keeping people in their homes for longer without needing costly upgrades
  • Enable occupants and communities to live sustainably, healthily, with more connection and less stress

Our vision for the home of the future requires collaboration.

Please get in touch to find out how you can be part of a growing ecosystem, aiming to redefine the homes of the future.

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