Creating sustainable homes that are cost-efficient and robust may seem like an impractical challenge.

Sustainable technologies and materials currently take longer to implement, which poses an unwelcome risk. It takes time to fully understand how they fit within a development, calculate how much time they will take to utilise and if they will successfully meet sustainability regulations.

MyGlobalHome are positioned to help organise and clarify, by helping to streamline the process of designing, planning and building sustainable homes and reduce the additional risks and costs incurred.

Why it's an issue

As sustainability becomes an increasingly desirable focus for buyers and regulatory bodies alike, it will become ever more important to create homes with sustainable practices and materials.

The world is working towards a climate-resilient future. The property industry is positioned to play a large role in delivering sustainability initiatives, with many companies already investing in sustainability credentials and practices.

Environmental sustainability is a key concern for prospective occupants. Buyers are more and more keen to invest in homes built in alignment with their own ideals by developers who share their values. It is also recognised that sustainable buildings offer better long-term returns on growth, which increases willingness to pay a premium price for sustainable property.

At MyGlobalHome we are creating a platform that can assist in streamlining the process of planning, designing and building sustainable homes.

Together we will help organisations and individuals to adopt more sustainable practices, delivering on requirements with reduced risk and cost. Our sophisticated tools and expertise ensures making sustainable choices is faster and more informed, rendering what seemed an unfeasible challenge significantly easier.

Our unique platform will make sustainability accessible and approachable to every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of a property. At MyGlobalHome we believe in making the sustainable choice the easy choice.

Why does it matter?


  • Housing demand for sustainable homes is set to increase
  • Sustainable buildings enjoy many benefits within the planning system, making it easier to get approvals
  • Simplify the process of vetting and sourcing new materials and methods
  • Minimise materials wastage in the design and build process

Property and services

  • Join other vetted sustainable suppliers and reach new customers
  • Operate within a platform that supports and rewards innovation
  • Enabling scalability and broader customer reach for smaller companies
  • Help the industry reduce its carbon footprint


  • Sustainable homes built with quality in mind
  • Healthy and holistic living environment
  • Reduced running costs and maintenance issues
  • More attractive product to mortgage brokers, insurers and buyers

Our vision for the home of the future requires collaboration.

Please get in touch to find out how you can be part of a growing ecosystem, aiming to redefine the homes of the future.

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