How can MyGlobalHome support selling homes?

MyGlobalHome's platform can record and trace every aspect of a home, providing all the detailed information buyers and conveyancers require in one place.

Currently, homes are sold with very limited information about their physicality, performance and sustainability.

Property listings typically include basic aspects such as price, square footage and EPC rating. However, they do not include the much more detailed information that can provide greater insight into the home’s performance, affect its value, increase desirability and ultimately impact a buyer’s decision to invest.

Additional pieces of crucial information, such as overall energy consumption, material provenance, key certification dates, even who the built the home, are largely inaccessible to those who need it.

MyGlobalHome provide a central point of access to every piece of information collected throughout the lifecycle of a home, enabling multiple stakeholders to make more informed decisions.

MyGlobalHome's innovative logbook feature collects and keeps every piece of information about a home in intricate detail to facilitate smooth conveyancing.

Our logbook enables active collaboration between different parties throughout the property’s lifetime. Buyers can use it to search for developers and existing homes that meet their criteria, or to specify desirable features on new builds from day one, automatically forming the foundation of sales contracts.

The detail captured in the logbook provides occupants with much richer information on what is often the most expensive purchase of their lives. It ensures every aspect of their home meets their individual criteria and can help to identify and reduce future maintenance costs.

For surveyors, lenders, brokers and insurers, the logbook provides a much more accurate means for assessing and valuing homes. It reduces risk and makes quantifying homes considerably more reliable, efficient and informed.

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