How can MyGlobalHome support occupying homes?

MyGlobalHome are working collaboratively with expert partners to create responsive homes that can continually adapt to the needs of their residents.

For residents, selecting the right home and ensuring it stays responsive to their needs and desires over time can be a challenge.

Homes that are built for the future need to be built sustainably and with consideration for what life may bring. Whether enabling integration of the latest smart technologies, health support, social care or utilities management, it is important that homes can accommodate the changing requirements of their residents.

The infrastructure required to best support these needs must be considered from early on in the home’s development. Homes should be flexible enough to continually host new technologies and services throughout their lifetime.

MyGlobalHome facilitates the creation of homes that are primed and ready to adapt to their residents’ evolving needs.

MyGlobalHome's platform provides a central management system that enables flexibility throughout the property's lifetime.

Our platform gives occupants access to a broad range of technologies and services that can be easily integrated into homes as they are needed. Using sophisticated analytics, the platform matches our community of vetted, sustainable suppliers to residents and other customers who need them.

The platform gives residents access to their home’s data and complete control over how it is used. It tracks every component and service used in a home over time via the innovative logbook feature, which can reduce maintenance costs by helping residents to understand how their homes can function better.

MyGlobalHome and its partners are working to create future-facing, sustainable homes that are fully equipped to look after the needs of their residents.

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Our vision for the home of the future requires collaboration.

Please get in touch to find out how you can be part of a growing ecosystem, aiming to redefine the homes of the future.

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