Homes and devices are smart enough to monitor indoor environments and an individual's health, but why don't they talk to each other?

Current tech either solely monitors one aspect of the environment or one aspect of health. This means that people can miss out on understanding the valuable correlations between what’s happening in their homes and the direct impact on their health.

MyGlobalHome’s vision for the future seeks to connect information and understanding to create homes that look after their occupants and not the other way around.

Why it's an issue

If devices could talk to each other, people could not only better understand how to manage their health but also prevent serious emergencies, such as a respiratory event.

One of our founders, Dan, had a similar experience when he had a respiratory event and collapsed on his driveway in search of aid. Had Dan known that the air quality was hazardous to his respiratory health that day, he would have been able to take preventive measures.

Instances like this can be easily prevented by better communication between the different smart technologies present in people’s homes. When working collaboratively, devices like environmental sensors and personal wearables can combine their knowledge, providing better targeted insights for a broad range of health conditions.

MyGlobalHome are creating integrated homes where devices talk to each other and collated information is analysed to provide real, actionable insights.

Beyond implementing smart devices that can monitor and automate, we are creating environments that are able to analyse context-rich data to provide more valuable insights. This will be incredibly helpful in monitoring anything from serious underlying health conditions to general fitness.

MyGlobalHome are working with partners to develop better systems and connectivity in the home, to enable homes to take better care of their occupants.

Why does it matter?


  • Highly desirable smart homes, connected from the start
  • Provide homes that are equipped to look after the health needs of their residents
  • Save costs and time in the design, planning and build phases
  • Add up to 5% onto the value of the home

Property and services

  • Seamless integration of third party smart devices into the MyGlobalHome platform
  • Add greater context to the health data collected to enable deeper insights into health management and optimisation
  • Enable a more connected health experience outside of the clinic and hospital by reaching residents in-home


  • Actionable insights to help improve home and health
  • Control over the home’s data, paired with professional analysis
  • Better pre and post hospitalisation care possibilities
  • Return to work sooner after a medical event
  • Enable greater connectivity with family and friends around health

Our vision for the home of the future requires collaboration.

Please get in touch to find out how you can be part of a growing ecosystem, aiming to redefine the homes of the future.

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