What is a smart city and how can they help communities to live smarter?

Smart cities are urban areas, that collect data from thousands of diverse sources to better inform how the city is managed and lived in. Data can be gathered through a variety of sensors on everything from roads and railways, to air and water quality, to office buildings and homes.

The data collected from around the city is processed and analysed to help inform how the city can function better. By understanding how individuals live in and move around their environments, smart cities can improve life for their whole communities.

Why it's an issue

Smart cities will enable residents to live symbiotically with their city, learning and benefiting from the sharing of information.

For the individual resident, an interconnected smart city can provide insights that help them make more informed choices in their everyday life – such as information about transport systems, pollution levels and energy usage.

At a broader level, the combined analysis of information gathered can provide much richer insights about how the city functions for its whole community. Equipped with this information, governing bodies can make better decisions about the services and infrastructure systems that need to be improved or prioritised to most benefit the city’s residents.

Smart cities rely on the effective collation of data from every part of the city. However big or small, every single data point counts.

To enable everyone to contribute to the better management of their cities and environments, residential properties need to be built with the smart city in mind. It is essential that the homes of the future can accommodate the current and future technologies required to give residents complete control of the useful data they produce. They can then decide on how they want to contribute their data to improve the city they live in for their whole community.

MyGlobalHome have partnered with a number of experts who offer a range of industrial, robust, reliable and scalable solutions to facilitate the building of homes for smart city life.

Why does it matter?


  • Properly devised technology strategies can increase the value buyers are willing to pay for a home by 5%
  • MyGlobalHome’s technology enables quick integration with smart city infrastructure
  • Embedded technology offers predictive maintenance insights, saving time and money running and maintaining housing stock

Property and services

  • Offer greater insight and services to residents based on smart city data
  • Opportunity to create holistic systems and services that are tailored for each resident
  • MyGlobalHome’s platform and tech are designed to accommodate and utilise third-party software and products


  • Homes with integrated systems that evolve with the needs of residents and their communities
  • Homes that are flexible and can adapt to new requirements
  • Support residents who are looking to create a renewed sense of place, engaging with their local communities as a push away from online communities
  • Have the option to contribute data for the benefit of wider communities

Our vision for the home of the future requires collaboration.

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